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HyperHired specializes in helping sales organizations achieve rapid growth. We've implemented our recruiting system into 100+ companies and helped them find 4,000+ sales reps in the last 12 months alone.

The fastest way to grow a sales team.

Why rely on an internal recruiting team or a "recruiting company" that has never actually built and run a sales team of their own?

Our recruiters are all salespeople themselves, and they come from industries just like yours. Every one of them has experience in door-to-door, high-ticket, or call center sales.

We practice what we preach. We've owned and operated successful sales organizations for more than 20 years, and HyperHired recruits for every portfolio company we own - which total over 150 full-time sales reps.

Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it - check out the video testimonials below to hear about the recruiting success that HyperHired has brought for clients.

GRIT Marketing

As one of the top door-to-door teams in the country, GRIT had a big problem. Using HyperHired, GRIT onboarded close to 30 savages in the first 2 months. Wills himself estimates his ROI at 50X.

Roof Depot

After struggling to recruit on their own, we helped Roof Depot add 10 commission only sales reps to their team in the first 3 weeks, including a Sales Manager. Now that their recruiting problem is solved, they're ready to build similar teams in their 5+ other markets.

Creating Better Days (CBD)

As a major CBD manufacturer, they struggled to find new reps for their phone sales team. We helped them onboard 4 sales reps in the first 2 weeks, and they're now preparing to double in size.

Aruza Pest Control

Ean considers himself a high-level recruiter, but even he was blown away with the results we brought. In the first week, they onboarded 5 new commission only sales reps.

Smart Financial

Smart Financial is one of the fastest growing insurance technology companies in the world. We helped them eliminate close to 90% of their recruiting overhead and found them 20 new killers for their sales team.

Apex Media Solutions

In just 3 months, they went from 40 employees to almost 60. Since recording this video interview, they've opened a second office and grown to over 100 sales and customer service employees using HyperHired's system. They're now one of the largest digital marketing call centers in the country.

Cox Insurance Agency

Johnny struggled to find the time to recruit successfully. He previously used automations in order to qualify candidates, but even with automations, he could never get the volume of recruits that he was looking for. In the first month, we brought them 12 new sales reps.

Infinite Life Insurance Group

As a brand new insurance agency, Yusbell and his team were struggling to funnel through Indeed. After just one onboarding call with the HyperHired team, we installed our system into their business and scheduled 20 interviews in 2 weeks. They hired 10 new sales reps in less than 14 days.

Synergy SEO

Using HyperHired, Carlos has been able to grow his sales team on a consistent basis and entirely remove himself from the recruitment process - focusing solely on training his reps and on generating more revenue for the business.

Golden Ridge Insurance

In 12 months, Golden Ridge went from a struggling Medicare office to being in the top 10% with Mutual of Omaha. They filled both their sales and customer service teams with HyperHired.

Advanced Capital Funding

ACF struggled with interview structure, onboarding, and training - but HyperHired was there to help them. They've since been able to onboard and retain 12 new commission only reps.

JHM Home Services

Jack's a 21 year old entrepreneur. He started a window cleaning company and was clearing $2k per day with just himself and a couple of friends. After investing into HyperHired, he added 10 door-to-door reps to his team in the first month.
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How HyperHired Works

This system has been proven to work across over 100 unique sales organizations.


Marketing The Opportunity

Today's job market requires you to stand out - that's why we take over and optimize your job posts so that the copy and offer speaks to your ideal candidates.

Our clients see an overall reduction in hiring costs of between 30 - 75%.


Resume Review & Phone Screening

With your job posts now optimized, we review every applicant for your exact requirements.

From there, our team picks up the phone and follows up with qualified candidates in order to perform a phone screening.


Scheduling of Interviews

For sales positions, we typically decline around 80% of all applicants during the screening process.

This means that you're only meeting with the very best - we schedule them direct to your calendar and even follow up with them to minimize no-show rate.

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